Infrastructure Wiring

The low voltage cabling running through your office walls is what provides the physical layer that gives users access to their network.  These specially designed cables terminate to a port on your wall most commonly referred to as a “Data Jack” or a “Phone Jack”.  On the other side of that jack, inside the wall, a Cat6 or Cat5E cable runs up or down the wall, across the ceiling or through the wall, and into your local IT closet to a termination point of various flavors depending on the environment.  If you know where this IT closet is, some would say all the wires coming in look like spaghetti!  These cables are part of the interconnected system that provides the hardwired, and yes even wireless access to you network, and the internet.


Installing, repairing, and maintain these lines have been a core competency at Big Fish since our inception in 2002. Whether it is a single line in an office that needs to be installed, a commercial building with 2000 data jacks, or a baseball field that needs lines run for stadium wide wireless access, Big Fish has the skills for the job!