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Laptop Buying Guide, Part 1 

Is a new laptop on your wish list this holiday? 

Mind your Ps and Qs, and Santa just might deliver what you ask for. 

Shopping for a laptop can be stressful. With so many models, features, and deals available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there. Fortunately, we have some tips to share that can help you get what you want without losing any points for bad behavior. 

Start with the Qs:

Good buying decisions begin with good questions – so start by asking yourself these. 

  • What’s my type: PC or Mac? 
  • Will I use this computer for work or play? 
  • What kind of software do I use: everyday office apps or more complex programs? 
  • Do I need to take my laptop everywhere, or just from desk to couch? 

Consider the Ps: 

Next, it’s time to consider the two key factors that are foundational to every computer purchase. 

  • Price – Start by setting a budget and shopping within it. Evaluating various models is less complicated when you begin by focusing on the ones that are within your limits. 
  • Performance – In simple terms, a processor is the brain of a computer, and RAM is the memory that empowers the processor to do its job more effectively. The faster the processor and the higher the RAM, the better your laptop will perform.  A good rule of thumb: get the fastest processor and the most RAM available on a model within your price range. These core elements can be upgraded, but the process can be time consuming and expensive.  At a minimum, we recommend purchasing 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 core processor.

Take some time now to start on those questions, and put a little thought into a few more of your own. Then be sure to come back for Part 2, where we’ll help you learn how to put those Ps & Qs to work as you move forward through the buying process!